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ILIADx – Purpose, Aims, Products and Organizational Structure

ILIADx or International Law In Academic & political Debate is a U.S.-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that aims to function as a platform that facilitates academic and broader public debate and of which the results reach policymakers and legislators at the national level. Ultimately, ILIADx stimulates the development and consolidation of public policy and law that strengthen security and justice, that are beneficial for trade, and that promote peaceful settlement of disputes. ILIADx believes passionately that informed debate, a respectful confrontation of viewpoints, and the sharing of ideas and knowledge improve the quality of policy and law. Such knowledge dissemination within and across settings is valuable as it increases awareness and the possibilities of improved and new practices. As such, ILIADx does not create a platform devoted to the promotion of international law as means in itself, but offers a space where opponents and proponents of specific international law topics can exchange views, with the aim to create better foreign and domestic policy.

ILIADx Statement of Purpose: 

ILIADx aims to establish an international law and U.S. policy platform in order to facilitate more insight and input in the dynamics between international law and U.S. public policy. By employing a bottom-up approach, ILIADx promotes public contributions and debate along all lines of society. The result of such open debate functions as valuable input for public policy. Hence, grassroots organizing and field building are spearheads of the ILIADx enterprise.

ILIADx promotes lively, innovative and high quality debate. In this sense, the permanent input of leading scholars - ILIADx Editorial Board - as well as the ILIADx Editorial Teams constituted by U.S. Law School students secures a decent and current foundation on which valuable input can be created by public actors. By providing a platform through which new voices and ideas are mobilized, ILIADx prompts developments that benefit U.S. policy.

The key topics of discussion are 1) international human rights law, 2) international criminal law, 3) law of public international organizations, 4) international environmental law, 5) international humanitarian law, 6) international trade law, 7) international dispute resolution, 8) public international law & foreign affairs and 9) private international law.

ILIADx aims to:

Provide a communication platform that supports the debate in the field of international law and U.S. public policy by providing relevant information on the political background and latest developments as well as providing an account of the legal framework that is of importance to the discussion topics. Stimulate an informed public debate in the field of international law and U.S. public policy by securing a constant flow of high quality and relevant materials which spark valuable public contributions.

Guarantee a widely supported communication platform that facilitates practitioners, scholars, students and other interested parties to voice their views on international law related discussions and their reverberation in U.S. Congress.

ILIADx Products:

ILIADx reaches its goals through the implementation of an extensive online platform that facilitates information sharing and debate in the field of international law and U.S. public policy. ILIADx employs a topical approach in which every one of the nine topics is linked to a high-quality Law School that is committed to the subject concerned.

ILIADx will start off as a digital platform, a website with both a discussion and commentary section and a more in-depth reference and background section. Law Schools will be assigned a certain field of international law. Within that field the school will stimulate debate on topics relevant to U.S. politics. These debates are to be more ‘political’ than ‘legal’, as they are intended for an audience of politicos, foreign affairs aficionados, Hill people and other interested parties. Readers interested to learn more about the topic, can turn to the reference and background section which contains materials such as references to legal texts, to the position of the U.S. government during negotiations, and to prior debates on the issue in Congress. This section supports the development of more academic and legal analyses and debate, together with the Law Schools Editorial teams which will stimulate debate within their field of international law and with providing for and keeping up-to-date the legal background on the most important issues in their field of interest.

The ILIADx Editorial Board and Editorial Teams can advance the debate and the effectiveness of it by extending their activities to events such as real-life (panel) debates, lectures, workshops and ILIADx Talks. These events can usefully capitalize on relevant documentation (primary and secondary sources) from the ILIADx online platform. Conversely, the ILIADx online platform is uniquely served with exciting content such as live webcasts of ILIADx Talks. As such, the different media blend into a very powerful mix.

ILIADx Structure: 

ILIADx Governing Board: 

The ILIADx Governing Board is awarded the responsibility for ensuring the integrity, autonomy, transparency and quality of the ILIADx enterprise. The Governing Board is to give the ILIADx platform credibility and to promote ILIADx with its own base. The Governing Board operates in a culture of cohesiveness and conducts its business in an exemplary fashion adhering to the highest ethical standards.

ILIADx Editor in Chief: 

The ILIADx Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is assigned the authority and responsibility to contribute to and review ILIADx content, design effective communication strategies, inspire and provide guidance to the Editorial Board and Editorial Teams and ultimately ensure a cohesive and successful ILIADx enterprise. The EiC is ILIADx’s ambassador, especially with respect to legislators, practitioners, scholars, opinion makers and the policy community. The EiC is the public voice of ILIADx and as such actively promotes the significance of ILIADx to the public, participates in panel discussion or other public events, actively solicits manuscripts from leading practitioners in order to facilitate the publication of breakthrough and innovative scholarship and works intensively with the ILIADx Editorial Teams and Editorial as well as the Governing Board to extend the reputation of ILIADx.

ILIADx Editorial Board: 

The ILIADx Editorial Board is formed by leading Law School faculty members from renowned U.S. Law Schools. The members of the Editorial Board also chair the individual Law School Editorial Teams. This way ILIADx ensures that its efforts are well-balanced and coordinated and of an outstanding quality, resulting from cross-pollination between universities and the development of best practice. The leading Law School faculty members monitor and review the work of the Editors and ultimately are in charge of running the website, both through their managing roles in the ILIADx Editorial Teams as well as through their combined efforts as members of the ILIADx Editorial Board.

ILIADx Editorial Teams: 

Several prominent U.S. Law Schools provide ILIADx with a steady foundation grounded in academics, as they provide the ILIADx Editorial Teams. Each Editorial Team consists of a leading Law School faculty member who guides student Editors to generate input for ILIADx by creating dossiers on several topics containing background information, starting discussions, writing articles and posts and organizing events that fall within the scope of the designated topic.

This constant input from the Editorial Teams will ensure lively ILIADx debates in which a diverse composition of stakeholders and otherwise interested parties at both a national and international level can engage. ILIADx Editorial Teams are rooted in the U.S., but take on an international orientation. Since the Editorial Teams are embedded in respectable institutes and find themselves at the heart of an extensive academic and professional network the Editorial Teams have the capacity to generate valuable input from experts and attract inspiring speakers and commentators.